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Mighty Heart
3 Month Plan
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1. What do these baskets mean?
The Goodwill Basket consists of a 3kg Bag of Pedigree and a 4-pouch combo of wet food for cats. The Benevolent Basket consists of a 10kg Bag of Pedigree and the same 4-pouch combo of wet food for cats. And the Might Heart Basket, contains a 10kg bag of Pedigree, the 4-pouch cat wet food combo, an anti-tick spray, 15 pouches of 80g wet food for dogs and a 3kg bag of cat kibble. These baskets are put together based on the wish list from CUPA and no other considerations!

2. Why Subscribe? Can I just send food donations whenever I want to?
Of course you can. We know that the discounts are not as much a draw as your wish to help the dogs & cats in need. Subscription is only to ensure that the good folks at CUPA know what is coming their way each month. This leads to more effective planning. Also, food donations cannot and should not be a touch-and-go gesture. They are so much better when their arrival can be counted upon!

3. When is "monthly"?
All the donation baskets go out on your behalf on the 20th of every month for the duration of the chosen plan. Should 20th be a Sunday (that is a weekly off for or a public holiday, the donation goes out the next working day.

4. How do I know that my donations are reaching the right place?
Apart from monthly order confirmation emails+SMSes that you will recieve, you will receive dispatch and delivery notifications as well! All without having to prompt us! Also, the good folks of CUPA will be acknowledging the receipt of your donations with an email from their official address.

5. What other guarantees do I have for this service?
While your donation is a kind gesture, you are after all paying for it. Damages in transit, returns or delays, all promises that we fail to keep are covered just the way you've come to expect of us for your regular orders - to your satisfaction!

6. Can I cancel the subscription in between?
Unfortunately, not. The discounts count on your pledge so a cancellation would leave us in a loss just as well as lead to a broken promise you've made to CUPA. Now, we don't want THAT to happen, do we? Hence, you will have paid for the plan in entirety when you subscribe.

8. Are these donations eligible for income tax exemption under 80G?
We're afraid NOT. Technically, these are donations-in-kind (while you are making a purchase over for reasons of convenience) and not a direct cash-donation to charity. Invoices are raised by us and are hence not eligible for a tax exemption, while we have made every effort to make the discounts and our service rewarding enough for you.

7. Anything else I must know before I subscribe?

We've pretty much covered everything. But yes, we guarantee you that the donations will keep going out even if there are price changes. That's on us. And in the rare chance that a certain product is unavailable to be supplied, we shall find a replacement for the equivalent amount and we'll send that *only after* we've informed both the donor AND CUPA. If you have any further questions, we are a phone call (725-912-4665) and/or an email ( away!

8. How can I subscribe?
Find the plan that suits you best from the table on top of this page and click away! And THANK YOU in advance for being such a big-hearted supporter of CUPA!